Glyphosate Facts

Transparency on safety aspects and use of glyphosate-containing herbicides in Europe


New studies show importance of glyphosate for agro-economy and soil conservation practices in Germany

German Universities have published two new studies on the importance of the herbicide glyphosate for reduced tillage practices and Germany`s agro-economy. Mulch seeding without ploughing in maize. (© Voegler/ Monsanto)

The authors predict that without glyphosate profit margins would decrease up to 36% depending on the region and crop. These losses can only partly be compensated by other plant protection measures and mechanical soil management practices such as ploughing. At the same time soil conservation practices such as reduced tillage and mulch seeding become unprofitable for many farmers and the areas cultivated by ploughing are predicted to increase from 38 to 78 percent in Germany.


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Last update: 12 April 2013